Quality Maine-Anjou Cattle, All Natural Beef for Sale!

Welcome to Concrete, Washington located in the Great North Cascade Mountains.

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Our Philosophy

Our commitment to quality beef, cattle and conservation practices is important to our family and is reflected in the beauty of our ranch, cattle and wildlife.

We offer beef 2 ways, USDA inspected by the package and custom butchered 1/4, 1/2 and whole here at the ranch.

Our USDA inspected beef is grass fat and we have it available year-round, although some cuts sell out fast so you should call for availability.

Our typical cuts include tenderloin steak, rib steak, New York and or T-bone steak, flat iron steak, top sirloin and sirloin tip steak, chuck steak, tri tip steak, skirt and denver steak, london broil, boneless rib roast, boneless chuck roast, sirloin tip, top round and tri tip roast, short ribs, boneless stew meat, ground beef, cross cut shanks, soup bones, marrow bones, dog bones. Heart, liver, tongue and ox tail are also available.

Our custom butchering is done here at the ranch by Andal's Custom Meats and cut at their shop in Mt. Vernon. 

We do custom butcher 2 times per year, in June and October or November. You can purchase a front quarter, hind quarter, divided half(1/4),  half or whole. Our current price is $3.25/lb. for front quarters, halves, and whole or $3.50/lb. for hind quarters. Price can fluctuate with the current market prices.

The front quarter includes, rib steak, chuck steak and roast, short ribs, brisket and burger. The hind quarter includes t-bone steak, top sirloin, sirloin tip, top and bottom round steaks, roasts and burger.


46276 Concrete Sauk Valley Rd Concrete, WA 98237